renewing theology

“Where are all the young people?” I’ve been at countless meetings where I have been approached by a kindly and passionate older lady who has asked me that question.  Statistically in NZ the church is shrinking in people under 60 and growing in people over 60 so probability says our meetings will be dominated by… Read More renewing theology


Last week (questioning Christmas) I introduced the season of Advent, the start of the church year and a time for preparing our hearts and minds for the celebration of Jesus birth. As a change from the traditional advent themes (hope, peace, joy, love) I have selected the traditional Carmelite themes of waiting, accepting, journeying and… Read More waiting

lessons for NZ

I have started writing this post four times. Each time what I have to offer seems inadequate in the face of the grief and pain that I am seeing coming from the US. Each time I start and end up in different places. I am reluctant to blog about the US election as I don’t… Read More lessons for NZ